Abbreviations and Acronyms

Acronym Definition
AAD Azure Active Directory
ABAC As Built As Configured
ACL Access Control List
ACSC Australian Cyber Security Centre
AD Active Directory
ADMX Administrative Template XML Based
AES Advanced Encryption Standard
AIP Azure Information Protection
API Application Programming Interface
APP ID Application Identifier
ARM Azure Resource Manager
ASR Attack Surface Reduction
ATP Advanced Threat Protection
AWS Amazon Web Services
BAU Business as Usual
BIOS Basic Input Output System
BYOD Bring Your Own Device
CAS Client Access Services
CASB Cloud Access Security Broker
CDC Canberra Data Centre
CEF Common Event Format
CISO Chief Information Security Officer
CNAME Canonical Name
CPU Central Processing Unit
CRM Customer Relationship Management
CRT Cathode Ray Tube
CSM Compatibility Support Module
CSV Comma Separated Values
DEM Device Enrolment Manager
DEP Device Enrolment Program
DLP Data Loss Prevention
DKIM Domain Key Identified Mail
DMA Direct Memory Access
DMARC Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance
DNS Domain Name System
DTA Digital Transformation Agency
EDR Endpoint Detection and Response
EMET Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit
EMS Enterprise Mobility & Security
ETW Event Tracing for Windows
FQDN Fully Qualified Domain Name
FTP File Transfer Protocol
GAL Global Address List
GCP Google Cloud Platform
GDPR General Data Protection Regulation
GIF Graphics Interchange Format
GMT Greenwich Mean Time
GPO Group Policy Object
HDD Hard Disk Drive
HIPS Host-based Intrusion Protection System
HRIP Health Records and Information Privacy
HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol
HTTPS Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure
IAM Identity Access Management
ICAP Internet Content Adaption Protocol
ICT Information and Communications Technology
IIS Internet Information Services
IMAP Internet Message Access Protocol
IPMI Intelligent Platform Module Interface
Intune Microsoft Endpoint Manager - Intune
IRAP Information Security Registered Assessors Program
ISM Information Security Manual
ISO International Standards Organisation
JIT Just in Time
Joint Photographic Experts Group
KMS Key Management Services
LAN Local Area Network
LAPS Local Administrator Password Solution
LDAP Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
LOB Line Of Business
LSA Local Security Authority
LTSC Long-Term Servicing Channel
MAK Multiple Activation Key
MAM Mobile Application Management
MDM Mobile Device Management
MECM Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager
MEM Microsoft Endpoint Manager
MFA Multi-Factor Authentication
MIM Microsoft Identity Manager
MIP Microsoft Information Protection
NNR Network Name Resolution
NTLM New Technology LAN Manager
OAB Offline Address Book
OATH Open Authentication
OAUTH Open Authentication
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer
OTP One-Time Password
OWA Outlook on the Web
PAW Privileged Access Workstation
PDF Portable Document Format
PEM Privacy Enhanced Mail
PHS Password hash synchronisation
PII Personally Identifiable Information
PIM Privileged Identity Management
PIN Personal Identification Number
PNG Portable Network Graphics
POP Post Office Protocol
POS Point of Sale
PSPF Protective Security Policy Framework
PST Personal Storage Table
PTA Pass-Through Authentication
RAM Random Access Memory
RBAC Role Based Access Control
RDP Remote Desktop Protocol
REST Representational State Transfer
RFC Request for Comment
RHEL Red Hat Enterprise Linux
RPO Recovery Point Objective
RTO Recovery Time Objective
SAN Subject Alternate Name
SCCM Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager
SEM Security Event Management
SIEM Security Information and Event Management
SIG Secure Internet Gateway
SIM Security Information Management
SLA Service Level Agreement
SLAT Second Level Address Translation
SMB Server Message Block
SMS Short Message Service
SMTP Simple Mail Transport Protocol
SOAP Simple Object Access Protocol
SOE Standard Operating Environment
SPAM Unsolicited Commercial Email
SPF Sender Policy Framework
SQL Structured Query Language
SSL Secure Sockets Layer
SSO Single Sign On
SVG Scalable Vector Graphics
SWIFT Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication
TBA To be advised
TCP Transmission Control Protocol
TLS Transport Layer Security
TPM Trusted Platform Module
UAC User Access Control
UDP User Datagram Protocol
UEBA User Entity Behavioural Analytics
UEFI Unified Extensible Firmware Interface
UK United Kingdom
UPN User Principal Name
URL Uniform Resource Locator
US United States
UWP Universal Windows Platform
VBA Visual Basic for Application
VDI Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
VIP Virtual IP address
VPN Virtual Private Network
VSM Virtual Secure Module
WDAC Windows Defender Application Control
WIP Windows Information Protection
WPAD Web Proxy Auto-Discovery Protocol
WSUS Windows Server Update Services
XPS XML Paper Specification

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