The uniter

  • I believe we can achieve better outcomes if we stop working in siloes and start collaborating with other teams and agencies

    Internet connection


    • laptop
    • phone
    • tablet

    Cyber knowledge

I worked in different government departments specialising in my field of knowledge. I have contacts in numerous partner agencies and know that collaborating will be advantageous for all. My child works in the private sector and has shown some of the collaboration tools they use while visiting the grandkids.

Understanding the interaction

Thoughts, opinions, feelings

  • I want to show taxpayers that we are making the most with their money
  • I believe our job is to help the Australian public in one way or another
  • I wish people would put their egos aside and work towards a common goal

Pain points

  • Everyone has access to different tools
  • Coordinating meetings requires a lot of back and forth
  • It is hard to build trust across teams – no one wants to step on each other’s toes

Want to achieve / get out of interaction

  • A better way to collaborate across departments to achieve a common goal
  • Less waste of tax payers money

Motivation to use modern workplace?

  • The tools and systems will make it easier for teams to communicate and collaborate, plus it’s easier for everyone to get access to the same information

Modern workplace benefits

  • Easier to collaborate within and across agencies
  • Built-in restrictions help appropriate use of document classification
  • Protected access reduces the risk of password sharing

Employees who work with outside organisations save time by having a shared workspace. Teams can be extended to customers, suppliers, and other outside parties.

Built-in security features enable correct handling of information up to Protected.

User journey

Identify collaboration opportunity


  • Identifies/gets given initiative
  • Realises better results can be achieved if other agencies are involved

Pain points

  • Needs to find the right people to talk to


  • Mobile phone
  • Emails
  • Websites


  • Excited – looking forward to work with other agencies for the Australian people

Getting agencies on board


  • Engages other leaders to get collaboration going
  • Leaders agree to collaboration
  • Communicate collaboration to team

Pain points

  • Difficult to find a timeslot that works for all leaders
  • Has to have individual meetings
  • Has to repeat the same points over and over
  • Needs to massage some egos


  • Email
  • Phone calls


  • Annoyed – wishes they didn’t have to do this everytime, people should be more open about collaborating

Prepare for collaboration


  • Meetings to introduce teams
  • Agree on security requirements/measures
  • Share documentation/knowledge/information
  • Start to collaborate

Pain points

  • Lots of back and forth emails just to coordinate a meeting time where everyone can meet
  • Everyone has different systems – so security consistency is hard to achieve
  • Information needs to be shared with secure hard drives
  • Everything is password protected – hard to remember so many passwords
  • Having to share passwords with so many people makes the security measures pointless


  • Email
  • Phone calls
  • Hard drives


  • Very annoyed – “if briefing is this hard to do / coordinate how can they expect for the project to run smoothly?”

Work on project/initiative


  • Collaborate
  • Work on initiative/project

Pain points

  • A lot of emails to communicate – information gets lost
  • Not all information is shared so there’s a lot of back and forth asking for things
  • Coordinating meetings requires a lot of emails as you don’t know who is available when
  • Conference calls are hard – too many interruptions
  • Hard to keep track of versions
  • Having to share passwords with this many people makes the security measures pointless


  • Email
  • Phone call
  • Conference call tools
  • Hard drives


  • Frustrated – this is going slower than they wanted to and achieving collaboration is hard

  • Happy that collaboration is happening

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