The nomad

  • I like moving across different areas in government in order to continue to grow my skills and be exposed to new experiences

    Internet connection


    • laptop
    • personal laptop
    • personal phone
    • personal tablet

    Cyber knowledge

I have worked in both government and private sectors, but realised I wanted the freedom to try new projects and experience new environments. I decided to start doing contract work as it pays better and allows the flexibility needed to start a family.

Understanding the interaction

Thoughts, opinions, feelings

  • I really enjoy being exposed to numerous projects and agencies
  • When my contract end is in sight, I am not relaxed until I have the next job lined up
  • Having to go through the IT onboarding process every time I start a new contract is such a waste of my time

Pain points

  • I have to go through a lot of onboarding
  • It takes me time to be able to access everything I need due to IT glitches
  • I have to carry multiple laptops and electronics
  • The agency I used to work for had old and slow computers, and I expect the same poor experience

Want to achieve / get out of interaction

  • Seamless transition between contracts

Motivation to use modern workplace?

  • No longer having to go through the IT onboarding process – being able to use my own personal device will make moving between contracts so much easier

Modern workplace benefits

  • Can swap between accounts using just one laptop
  • Consistency in systems
  • Does not lose work in the cloud and can securely switch between projects

Contractors who work on more than one project can use the same device without compromising security.

User journey

First day


  • Find tax file number
  • Provide bank account details
  • Get photo for security pass
  • Get work devices
  • Setup computer/laptop

Pain points

  • Runs into IT issues: log-in not working, setup not working etc
  • Needs to find all details


  • Folders
  • Emails
  • Letters/mail
  • Online banking
  • Forms
  • Help desk


  • Excited - starting new job

  • Understanding - knows there are always issues

  • Exasperated - needs to do this all over again soon, especially when doing 2+ contracts at a time



  • Go through Security induction
  • Go through work health & safety induction
  • Go through e-learning onboarding modules

Pain points

  • Very repetitive
  • Can’t skip through things they already know


  • e-Learning platform
  • Emails
  • Intranet


  • Bored - want to start real work

  • Annoyed - too much onboarding & already know most of this stuff

Start work


  • Getting briefed on work to be done
  • Learn how to use new systems
  • Find who to ask questions to
  • Find where to find all information

Pain points

  • A lot of information to absorb
  • Some systems are different – need to relearn certain platforms
  • Documents are in different folders – they are hard to find
  • Some information is out of date
  • Org chart is hard to navigate


  • Intranet
  • Shared drive
  • Organisation chart


  • Exasperated – always loses a lot of time learning new systems

  • Tired – has to carry 2+ laptops all the time and switch between them

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