The hopper

  • I like my job, but would like to experience working for another agency to further my skills

    Internet connection


    • laptop
    • personal phone

    Cyber knowledge

I started working in Government as part of a graduate program, and accepted a permanent position once it finished. I have been in the Department ever since and love the perks of being a public servant. However, I am looking to change to a different agency.

Understanding the interaction

Thoughts, opinions, feelings

  • I love the work I do, but I want a new challenge
  • Having to repeat the same information is quite tedious
  • Going through the clearance process and remembering my details is so frustrating
  • Having to learn a new system is going to be super tedious

Pain points

  • I need to find my tax file number (TFN)
  • Not looking forward to doing an onboarding process again
  • I will have to find information again if I need to get another type of security clearance
  • The Department I used to work for had old and slow computers, and I expect the same poor experience

Want to achieve / get out of interaction

  • Seamless transition between agencies
  • Ability to quickly pick up the systems since they are consistent across agencies

Motivation to use modern workplace?

  • Once you learn how to use it, it is the same across any agency, making transition to another role a lot easier

Modern workplace benefits

  • Faster device setup
  • Interface is more intuitive
  • Sees more consistency across agencies

The time it takes IT to provision a new device is reduced by 75%.

Using Intune and EMS makes it possible to streamline and automate 1,633 device provisioning events per year (based on a composite organisation of 5000 workers - source: Forrester “The Total Economic Impact Of The Microsoft 365 E5 Solutions”).

User journey

First day


  • Find my TFN
  • Provide bank account details
  • Get photo for security pass
  • Get work devices
  • Setup laptop

Pain points

  • Runs into IT issues: log-in not working, setup not working etc
  • Needs to find all details


  • Folders
  • Emails
  • Letters/mail
  • Online banking
  • Forms
  • Help desk


  • Excited - starting new job

  • Understanding - they know there’s always issues



  • Go through Security induction
  • Go through work health & safety induction
  • Go through e-learning onboarding modules

Pain points

  • Very repetitive
  • Can’t skip through things they already know


  • e-Learning platform
  • Emails
  • Intranet


  • Bored - want to start real work

  • Annoyed - too much onboarding & already know most of this stuff

Start work


  • Getting briefed on work to be done
  • Learn how to use new systems
  • Find who to ask questions to
  • Find where to find all information

Pain points

  • A lot of information to absorb
  • Some systems are different – need to relearn certain platforms
  • Documents are in different folders – they are hard to find
  • Some information is out of date
  • Organisation chart is hard to navigate


  • Intranet
  • Shared drive
  • Organisation chart


  • Overwhelmed - a lot to do & so many new systems

  • Insecure - “did I make the right choice?”

  • Excited - they finally get to do some work

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