The gadgeteer

  • Some projects require me to be able to access tools that are not available to everyone else in the Department, and I want to be able to access these when I need them

    Internet connection


    • laptop
    • desktop
    • personal phone
    • personal tablet

    Cyber knowledge

I recently made the move to work in the Public Service and know I need certain tools that are not always available to everyone due to their specialisation. I’m always looking at the latest technology to be able to be more efficient in my role.

Understanding the interaction

Thoughts, opinions, feelings

  • A part of me misses working in the private sector, it was so much easier for me to access and test new tools
  • I am frustrated by all the bureaucracy and red tape I have to go through to achieve my goals and objectives at work

Pain points

  • Not having access to my preferred tools is slowing me down
  • Every time I need approval for a tool I need to do a lot of follow up emails
  • The agency I used to work for had old and slow computers, and I expect the same poor experience

Want to achieve / get out of interaction

  • Easier approval process

Motivation to use modern workplace?

  • Modern workplace offers a range of tools that are similar to others preferred in the industry (Trello, Team Gantt, Zoom, Skype)
  • Modern workplace should also facilitate process automation

Modern workplace benefits

  • Some tools are replaceable with Microsoft apps
  • Microsoft Business Store has a suite of virtual apps with easy access
  • Consistency in systems

Though IT approval for certain tools is unlikely to be shorter or easier do to, certain apps (e.g. Power BI) can be available as part of the suite through the portal.

There is still a need for financial delegation when acquiring a new software licence.

User journey

Find the right tool


  • Needs specialist tool to do work
  • Look at market for the right tool
  • Finds tool they need
  • Can’t download

Pain points

  • Software downloads are restricted by IT and the Gadgeteer can’t download what they need


  • Browser


  • Angry – wishes they could just get what they need

Get tool approved


  • Fill form
  • Get security requirements

Pain points

  • Lots of back and forth to get tool approved


  • Forms
  • Emails
  • Phone calls


  • Frustrated – too much red tape to go through

  • Exasperated – thinks IT are making too much of a big deal about this tool

Get and use tool


  • Purchase and download

Pain points

  • A lot of information to absorb
  • Systems are different – need to relearn platform
  • Documents are in different folders – they are hard to find
  • Some information is out of date


  • Browser


  • Exasperated – always loses a lot of time learning new systems

  • Happy – finally gets their tool

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