Protected Utility

Welcome to the website for the Digital Transformation Agency’s Protected Utility blueprint. The blueprint is a design for a secure, modern, desktop based on Microsoft 365. You can use the blueprint as a pattern for implementing a secure desktop operating system in your agency.

  • Standardise how government agencies operate their desktops.
  • Improve collaboration within and across agencies.
  • Help achieve a cyber security uplift across government.
  • Help agencies transition to cloud-based capability and adopt the blueprint.

This website helps you understand what the blueprint is, why your agency should adopt the blueprint and how you can implement it.


Operational efficiencies

Implementing the blueprint helps you make better use of your resources, allowing you to focus on core business activities.

Better communication and collaboration

The blueprint standardises how we work across government. It makes communication and collaboration safer and easier within and across agencies.

Improved security posture

The blueprint guides your agency through the uplift of their cyber security posture, and assists with the Australian Signals Directorate Essential Eight maturity.

Build a future-ready workforce

Increase your staff mobility, workplace flexibility and empower your people with modern ways of working.